State of Mind is an artistic movement that started as a series of experiments focused on collective painting. Unexpected adventures, wild visual dialogs and confronting sensations are a few of the things that excite us in this domain. Ever since we have discovered the intricacies of the processes involved, these experiences became part of our outlook on shared creation and participation in general.

When a multiplicity of human beings align, a transformation into an unified understanding takes place. Bringing this alignment into the physical plane allows the artist access to a set of mysterious superhuman powers. For example, a presence with more than two arms will lead to possibilities that remain untouched for the individual artist, causing an unusual type of aesthetics to arise. It is the individual artist however, that brings their share of knowledge and instruments to the table in order to blend and shape these matters into a layered orchestral composition.

For honest expression to take place, one must sacrifice parts of their artistic ego to feed the presence. All of our multidisciplinary works are made as a collective. For us this means that every choice made is tested by the unified understanding of the group. For someone to participate in a state-of-mind session, exposing themselves in the work and to the others is a prerequisite. The act of doing this leaves all taken actions completely vulnerable. As the session progresses, the canvas unfolds and presents itself to this three-headed being: the State of Mind.